Decompression pen won the 2020 Red Dot Design Award

2020-04-11 11:37

         The Red Dot Award is from Germany. It is an industrial design award that is as famous as the iF award, and is the largest and most influential competition in the world's well-known design competitions. The Red Dot Award, together with the German "iF Award" and the American "IDEA Award", is called the world's three major design awards.

         The Red Dot Award is recognized as a recognized symbol of international creativity and design. Receiving the award means that the appearance and texture of the product have received the most authoritative "quality assurance". At the same time, the award-winning works will receive the widest range of promotion and recognition. Therefore, winning the Red Dot Award has become an honor that every designer is proud of.

        This year our Decompression Pen won this award with its clever design and excellent workmanship. The ingenuity of this product is the creative integration of the functional attributes of "finger tip top" and "dice" into the pen. , By flicking the rotating body with your fingertips, you can have the function of decompression, and at the same time, you can compare the size of the rotating body with the numbers on the rotating body, and make the choice of dice entertainment. We firmly believe that good products will be self-illuminating, and that good products made with trust will surely serve customers and consumers well.